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The title pretty much says it all. Do med-bay upgrades make healing in rooms besides the med-bay faster when you have med-bot dispersal?

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There is a developer who has answered that med-bay upgrades do not affect the Engi med-bot dispersal healing speed: source.

I also measured the effect with a fully upgraded and fully powered med-bay. Before any upgrades, it took 10 seconds for a crew member to hit 50% health in front of an open airlock. After all upgrades and med-bay fully powered, it took 10 seconds for a crew member to hit 50% health in front of an open airlock.

Engi Med-Bot Dispersal is not affected by MedBay upgrades.

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Welp, can't argue with the code. Guess I'll switch accepted answers. – Fambida Sep 24 '12 at 6:43

Yes, i've currently got that same setup in my save-game. It does increase the rate although it still seems to be reduced as compared to manning the med-bay.

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+1: This agrees with both my experiences, and my reading of the description. Reduced healing outside the medbay makes sense to me as a proportion of the healing inside the me bay. – Andrzej Doyle Sep 17 '12 at 14:30

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