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In the house with Tannis and the Safe in Sanctuary (the Crimson Raider hideout) there's a red Dahl branded chest behind a gate. There's a green-lit switch to the left of the door but pulling it doesn't work. Later on in the story the switch turns red and won't turn, I still can't get into the gate.

How do I open the gate and get to that chest?

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I might describe this place as the Crimson Raider hideout. – EBongo Sep 30 '12 at 19:56
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You will gain access to the room after completing the main storyline quest Where Angels Fear to Tread (Part 2). You only get to loot the chest once, however.

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It opens after a storyline quest, which I'd completed around level 20. (or ~30 if you do side missions)

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