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What are the achievements in the new Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa?

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Below is a list of achievements as reported from within the game's 'achievements' screen - I am not sure if this is a fully comprehensive list of achievements or whether there are additional hidden achievements.

There is a page on the Black Mesa: Source wiki, this has now been updated with information on these achievements.

Brownian Motion
Pass the toilet paper to the scientist in need.

Caffeine Extraction
Perform a surgical caffeine extraction from 20 machines. [0/20]

Calculated Trajectory
Kill 10 Airborne Headcrabs using the Shotgun. [0/10]

Centripetal Attraction
Kill 20 enemies with the Hivehand. [0/20]

Convection Refinement
Ruin the microwave casserole.

Dead Reckoning
Kill an Assassin with the 357 Magnum.

Digital Wizardry
Kill 10 enemies with a reprogrammed Sentry. [0/10]

Ethically Questionable
Conduct all of the questionable research experiments. [0/5]

Futile Resistance
Kill 10 enemies with Snarks. [0/10]

Gray Matter Propulsion
Headshot 20 enemies with the .357 Magnum. [0/20]

Hyper Saturation Conundrum
Drown in Lambda Core's coolant.

Inflammatory Actions
Kill a Headcrab using fire.

Kinetic Repulsion
Kill a Marine with their own grenade.

Mega Hertz
Kill 5 enemies with one grenade.

Nuclear Fishin'
Kill an Icthyosaur with either the Tau or Gluon.

Permeable Infrastructure
Use the alternative path in the Office Complex.

Premature Expulsion
Use an entire clip of Gluon ammo in one continuous shot.

Prophylactic Suggested
Get overtaken by a Headcrab's amble anterior.

Proverbial Tinkerer
Interfere with the alarm and laptop in Anomalous Materials.

Quantum Capacitance
Overcharge it anyway.

Rare Specimen
Send the Hidden Hat to Xen.

Remote Detonation
Kill a Barnacle with a Satchel.

Resonance Procrastinator
Refuse to insert the specimen into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

Unified Coupling Theorum
Help the Barnacle and Headcrab find true love. [0/10]

Universal Gravitation
Get killed by your own Snarks.

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Great, thank you! – Kerrek SB Sep 20 '12 at 0:16

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