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Yesterday while in a group with some real ID friends, one of them shared a quest with me which was simply called 'Redeem iCoke Prize Voucher'. When I click on the map icon within the quest to find where to hand this in it always shows me my current location.

Redeem iCoke Prize Voucher

As you can see, the reward for this quest is a White Murloc Egg companion.

What is this quest and where can I hand in it?

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Well, at least now you'll always know where you are. – kotekzot Sep 20 '12 at 9:19
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According to WoWHead, this quest is no longer available within the game.

Some discussion on suggests that this quest was never intended to be in game and that there is in fact no way to complete the quest.

The White Murloc Egg is actually a Murloc companion named Terky and there are rumours that he will be made available as a battle pet in Mists of Pandaria.

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