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In Torchlight 2 you can go fishing in special places, but which kind of fish can you get? I am also particular interested in understanding which fish gives to your pet the most powerful transformation and what damage bonus get from them.

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According to the list on the Torchlight wikia:

Fish sizes

Normal - Transform for 5 minutes

"Big" - Transform for 15 minutes

"Giant" - Transform permanently, until another fish is consumed. If this is a non-permanent fish/egg, then after that one expires your pet is transformed back into its original form.

Fish Types

Jackal Bass - Transform into a Jackalbeast.

Largemouth Bass - Transform into a Mimic.

Warsnout - Transform into a Warbeast.

Tunnel Shark - Transform into a Molebeast.

Web Fish - Transform into a Spider.

Flying Fish - Transform into a Swampflyer.

Bonefish - Transform into a Torso.

Crab Egg - Transform into a Crab Warrior.

Vampiric Spider Egg - Transform into a Vampiric Spider.

Transformation effects

Jackalbeast: Increase poison armour by ~100% and grants a small amount of poison damage.

Warbeast: Increases base average damage by ~85%.

Spider: Grants immobilizing web attack.


  • +25% physical armour
  • +66% elemental armour
  • +50% HP
  • +33% damage (base)
  • +90% Interrupt Resistance

Molebeast: 20% chance to Stun target for 3 seconds

Swampflyer: +33% Attack Speed


  • +20% damage
  • +60% elemental
  • +25% HP (base)
  • Shreds armour

Crab Warrior: - +100% physical armour - +100% elemental armour (base)

Vampiric Spider: - Attacks steal life for you.

Other fish (direct effect on pet, or misc.)

Frenzy Fish - For 5 minutes gain:
- 33% Faster Movement
- +33% Attack Speed

Gold Fish - Not pet food. Just sell it.

Prismatic Morey - For 5 minutes gain the following:
- +25 Critical Hit Chance
- +100% to Fire Damage
- +100% to Poison Damage
- +100% to Ice Damage
- +100% to Electric Damage

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Is there any way to revert a permanent transformation? Say, for example, I fed my adorable badger a Giant Muckfish. What can I do to get him back to his badgery goodness? – Yuuki Jan 23 '13 at 3:28
You could try giving him a fish that confers a 3 minute transformation and see if he returns to his original form at the end of the 3 minutes. – deadly Jan 23 '13 at 9:01
Just tested this with Giant Crab Egg, then Jackal Bass. It transformed into Jackalbeast all right. After 5 minutes expired, it transformed back into original pet type. So, the permanent thing is not that permanent. See notes in the reply above. – DrFish Jul 22 '13 at 9:52

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