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On a recent playthrough on easy using the Stealth Cruiser; Layout 1 The Nesasio, I tried to unlock the "Phase Shift" achievement. This achievement requires that you avoid 9 points of damage in a single cloak, to this end I fully upgraded and powered the Cloak system and used it just as I saw a lot of damage coming from an enemy ship that I counted to total more than 9, but the achievement didn't ding. I even completely dodged the third stage power surge of the boss with a cloak which should have totaled 12 damage. (I got my high score off this run though :P )

This made me think that maybe the game thought I didn't avoid 12 points of damage using only Cloak, as my fully upgraded shields and engines may have helped avoid some, most likely the shields. Did I not receive the achievement because my shields would have taken off most of that or my engines alone would have saved me?

I really want this achievement to unlock the Stealth Cruiser Layout 2 as I have found that Tactical Approach is influenced more heavily by luck (A Hazard being your only possible route at times.)

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You could test this by deactivating shields and removing your pilot from the helm (without auto-pilot) just before cloaking. –  Hackworth Sep 21 '12 at 8:39
Removing power to engines is an easier way to eliminate all dodging –  z - Sep 21 '12 at 12:55
Yeah I thought removing my other defensive systems might help, I just didn't want to try this on one of my early playthroughs with this ship because if it all went pear-shaped that there Boss would have lowered my self esteem. Thanks –  Claude PW Sep 21 '12 at 14:56
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Doesn't seem possible to get this achievement currently. Used on Flagship wave3, with the cloak up: 3 missiles, 3 laser rounds AND the power surge laser spray all missing in one go. Didn't work.

Repeated with 0 shields on. Didn't work.

Removed engine power to prevent dodging, resulted in only a 60% dodge chance from the cloak alone, which resulted in pretty much every single projectile hitting at once and the entire ship filled with flames. Twice. 60% dodge my ass.

Something is definitely bugged with it at the moment.

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Yes I realise this now, when I did eventually get it it seems like a random moment just cloaking at the start of a reasonably strong enemy ship encounter. –  Claude PW Sep 27 '12 at 9:09
If you don't have a pilot/autopilot and powered engines, your chance of dodge is 0% - regardless of other bonuses –  Robotnik Nov 27 '12 at 0:29
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For best results, you need lots of incoming damage; asteroids count.

Here's how I unlocked that achievement:

  1. Fully-upgraded Cloak (of course)
  2. Find a late-game enemy with lots of weapons (preferably burst lasers) in an asteroid field.
  3. Cloak when just about everything is firing, and hope that all of that incoming damage (plus a few asteroids) is enough.

Shields don't affect this achievement; you're looking for misses, not simply damage avoided. I'm not sure if having a naturally-high dodge (i.e., engines + skill) affects this achievement, but my wild guess is that the game is simply looking for a dodge-while-cloaked, rather than a dodge-due-to-cloak-evasion-bonus-only.

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