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A couple days ago, I finished the mission called That Special Someone and I decided to kill Darko but with a weapon other than a pistol. What do I do? I didn't get a call from Pegorino like the wiki says I do. Waiting isn't the answer because already did while doing the Cop Side Missions.

What do I do?!

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Don't you have any more missions to do with another character? Try to start another mission maybe it'll fix the problem. – Warface Sep 24 '12 at 23:12
I don't have any more missions >.< I sopose to get a call from Pegorino like the wiki says I do. Waiting will not be the answer. – Andres Sep 25 '12 at 13:55

I'd say either

  • Reload to a previous save and do not kill him
  • Call Pegornino, Roman, Mallorie, or any other key characters to the story at that time
  • Continue waiting. Maybe try sleeping (not saving, just sleeping) and run around for ~2 gaming hours, rinse, repeat.
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