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I have an old PC that I recently re-upped with Debian (forget which one, the most recent version). Here are the specs:

P3 1.2 GHz
768 MB DDR2
80 GB 7200RPM HDD
Gigabit LAN

Is this sufficient for a TF2 dedicated server? My internet connection can definitely handle it and the server doesn't need to be huge, just fit some number of people.

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We used to bring our EEE PC 701 (Celeron 900Mhz CPU) and use it as dedicated server to our small TF2 LAN parties. It hosted without any problem 12/14 clients.

In principle I can say that your hardware could be enough for your purpose. Just keep in mind to not invite too many people.

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The forums at Source Dedicated Server (SRCD) are probably going to be your best resource for getting setup. But it sounds like your CPU speed is going to be the biggest hurdle; most of the barebones servers start at least at a P4. And you'd need to increase your RAM as much as possibly.

You could try it but the more folks who connect the more problems you'll see. It might not be a problem if it's just you and 3 friends.

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