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In the new Mists of Pandaria expansion, the profession level caps have been increased from 525 to 600. I have gone to my alchemy trainer to learn the next level of alchemy (Zen Grandmaster Alchemy) but there only appears to be a couple of new alchemy recipes to learn and nothing else.

The recipes I learned were:

Furthermore, looking on WoWhead, there does appear to be any alchemist recipes above 525.

Where can I find alchemy recipes?

but there doesn't appear to be any other alchemy recipes I can learn.

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I can't speak to all recipes, however most of them cannot be trained but must be discovered by making the two you mention

From the official site:

In Mists of Pandaria, the method in which one learns the ways of the alchemist has changed fundamentally. When first learning this profession, players will find only two recipes available from the trainer. From then on, the path to mastery is paved with the joy of discovery. As you level your Alchemy skills, you’ll be able to learn more recipes as you go. Skill and discovery go hand in hand and you won’t be able to discover some recipes until you reach the appropriate skill level.

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Additionally, you can see the MoP recipes here by reversing the list: – Lin Sep 26 '12 at 12:36

According to WoWHead's guide for MoP:

Learning recipes is very different in Mists of Pandaria. When first learning the profession, players will only get two recipes from the trainer and learn more recipes from creating consumables. Discovered recipes can also reveal additional recipes when created.

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