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How do I complete the achievement 'Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey'?

Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey

Collect all 30 Golden Hoplings hidden around the Stormstout Brewery on any difficulty.

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In order to even see the Golden Hoplings, you must speak to Auntie Stormstout just inside the instance entrance to the Stormstout Brewery and purchase 'Ling-Ting's Favourite Tea';

Auntie Stormstout Tea

You can get as much of this tea as you need, there is no limit on it.

Once you have used the item, the Golden Hoplings have nameplates which have a high visibility and hunters can track them;


There are a total of thirty Hoplings in the instance, so just keep going until the achievement pops up.

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Which mod did you use to change the font? – deutschZuid Sep 29 '12 at 22:26
I didn't - create a folder in your WoW folder called 'Fonts' and then copy a TTF for the font you wish to use into there twice and rename the files to ARIALN.ttf and FRIZQT__.ttf - WoW will use these fonts over the equivalent files with the same names stored in the MPQs on runtime. – kalina Sep 29 '12 at 23:58

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