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The Conscientious Objector achievement is earned by playing from Home Castle to Barbarian Boss without attacking any enemies.

Considering that you can't advance each battle until all enemies are killed (the entire point of, you know, battling), does that make it impossible to achieve without playing with friends? Or can you rely on damage-dealing pets to attack enemies for you as an exception to the achievement requirement?

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I wouldn't have expected pets to deal enough damage to kill all the enemies before they killed you. – ChrisF Sep 27 '12 at 9:32
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Your theory will work, but it takes a long time. The War Machine and the Barbarian Boss for example. If you are using dragon or pelter make sure you have MAX magic.

It is easy when you have two controllers. Just kill everyone with your 1st controller and only move with the 2nd controller.

There are more trophies/achievements that will require more than one player.

After some research (playing a lot) I came to the conclusion that this won't work because the damage dealt by pets is counted as damage done by you.

More info on a wiki.

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Thanks for the additional research. – BoltClock Feb 15 '13 at 7:55

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