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I am currently fishing in Valley of the Four Winds, in the 'Gilded Fan' part of the zone, and can see quite a few 'Swirling Pools' in the water as per the below image:

Swirling Pool

I have tried fishing in these pools but haven't caught anything yet, what are these pools for? Are they purely aesthetic or for a quest or have some other purpose?

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According to (and a couple of other WoW wikis) they are a part of the quest The Great Water Hunt given by Mudmug.

Guide Mudmug to Swirling Pools within the Gilded Fan, and help him collect 30 pawfuls of Gladewater. If you become separated from Mudmug, you can find him next to the giant banana in the Gilded Fan.

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This would explain a lot, I skipped all the quests in Valley of the Four Winds! – kalina Sep 27 '12 at 12:50

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