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The medic promotion for land units increases the heal rate of that unit, and those in adjacent hexes.

I've just had a thought, but unfortunately am not at home to check, so thought I'd ask before I forget about it: Does the effect of the promotion stack?
If I have three injured units with the promotion and place them in a triangle formation (so they are each adjacent to the other two), and fortify them all to heal, will they each receive a bonus of:

  • +3 (+1 from themselves and +1 from each of the other 2 units)
  • +2 (+1 from themselves and +1 from a non-stacking adjacent effect)
  • +1 (+1 from themselves; no stacking at all)
  • Something else?
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Imagine the 7 unit circle formation :D 3 adjacent units for the 6 units on the edge and 6 for the 1 in the center. – alexanderpas Oct 8 '10 at 14:55
@alex Actually, when it came to mind I was thinking of some sort of arrangement with a citadel at a choke point, with two or three medic units in the places "behind" it... – DMA57361 Oct 8 '10 at 14:59
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Yes, it does stack. I played a game where I had multiple knights which were all leveled up with both March (heal every turn) and Medic (+1 heal to unit and adjacent). When they ended the turn surrounding each other, they'd be able to get more than +2 (depending on how many Medic units were next to them).

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I know they stack for sure, but I think it's +3 max. I'm not 100% sure of that, but I believe I had 4 adjacent medic units and they only headed +3 each turn.

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