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In Slender what does marble hornets mode do? I have been trying to find out.

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From Wikipedia:

From version 0.9.5 on successfully completing the game for the first time in an earlier version unlocks "MH Mode". This mode starts off and ends like an "Entry" from the web series Marble Hornets, which is based on the Slenderman mythos. This mode also suggests that the round of gameplay is actually a recorded video. There is static on the top and bottom of the screen, and the different types of music that play as the player collects more and more pages play. If the player beats the game for the first time in this version (without having beaten it in an earlier version first) they not only unlock "MH Mode", but unlock "Daytime Mode" aswell. Beating both of these modes will then unlock "$20 Mode". These modes are now listed in the "Extras" portion of the menu screen

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