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Diablo III has a limit of ten characters, is there a limit to how many characters I can create in Torchlight 2? Right now I have one of every class. I am using there local chest to store class specific gear.

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Easy enough to test, or so I thought. My initial approach was to create as many characters as possible, but at a count of 25 I quit:

enter image description here

A second approach was to dig in the Runic Games forums and even there, nothing seemed to be found about the maximum amount of characters one can have.

Until I found this post: What is the Maximum Number of Characters I Can Have?. The answer to that post : unlimited. There seems to be no cap on the amount of characters you can have and there doesn't seem to be an immediate cap on the amount of characters the game can display.

However, that post is for Torchlight, NOT Torchlight II.
In my opinion though, it's fair to assume that the same still holds true for Torchlight II. Or at least that many that you really won't need that many.

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