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When I downloaded Riverview to my installation of The Sims 3, the installation seemed to stall, so I aborted it. The second time I tried, it installed fine.

I started a game in Riverview noting that it was listed twice, played for a bit, saved and quit.

Later I had a look at the InstalledWorlds folder. It contained: and

After deleting Riverview(1).world only one Riverview is listed, but my savegame won't load anymore. One way to fix this would be to simply rename to Riverview(1).world, but I'd really prefer to get my savegame to use the regular file name. Is there any way to do this?

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After a while I stopped playing the neighborhood in question and simply kept only Riverview.sims3 around.

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To solve the issue, copy the meta data file into both the numbered folders, deleted the regular Riverview.sims3 folder, and renamed the folders to their original names.

So probably if it's not loading maybe you should have transferred the meta data file from Riverview(1).sims3 to Riverview.sims before deleting it.

Since the meta data file is gone from your successful installment, I think you have no choice but to play with the new files.

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I'm not sure I'm following. Riverview.sims3 is a file, not a folder, and Riverview(1).sims3 is perfectly identical to it. How would I go about "transferring metadata" between them? – oKtosiTe Oct 19 '12 at 17:39

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