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I have a copy of Perfect Dark (for N64), but the previous owner seems to have entered some juvenile, how shall I say, less than polite terms for the team names. As such, whenever a challenge is played, these family-unfriendly terms are displayed.

I searched the game’s interface, but could not find anywhere in which team names could be modified. (I considered that the names were actually built-in considering the silly titles shown during the credits, but these terms are pretty vulgar and I highly doubt that they would have been allowed by Nintendo, even with a third-party game.)

How can the team names be modified in Perfect Dark? (Hopefully they can be modified without having to clear the whole cartridge since I recently finished playing through it and would rather avoid wiping out my save progress.)

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I found it. The problem with Perfect Dark is that the menus are not only multi-level (a sub-menu pops up when you select a menu item), but also cyclical (pressing left/right rotates the current level menu). This makes it easy to miss entire menus.

To change team names in Perfect Dark:

  1. Open the Combat Simulator from the Perfect Menu
  2. Select Advanced Setup
  3. Do not select Teams from the Game Setup sub-menu that pops up, that’s for configuring the teams themeselves, not the names
  4. Instead, press Left or Right two times to switch to the Stuff sub-menu
  5. Now select Team Names and press A to edit
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