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As the title suggests, I was wondering if there was any information that confirms or denies the possibility of being able to switch factions after choosing one. For example, say I choose the Terran Republic, but then I decide that I no longer want to play for that faction. Can I switch?

Edit: This was posted during beta, and as such is outdated.

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You can create a new character for the other faction, however you will lose all your unlocks. They currently have no way to switch you to another faction and maintain your unlocks.

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You have two options: you can delete your existing character (and all his unlocks) and create him again on the same server as a different faction, or, you can keep him, and create a new character on a different server as a different faction, starting at 0 certs again. Keep in mind you only get 3 character slots, though you may be able to buy additional character slots with station cash.

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