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Playing as the Byzantium Empire, and while I've gotten back Asia Minor, my infamy is through the roof and seems to be moving down at a snails pace. Any way that I can get it moving down faster so that I'm not killing off the next half century bringing it down?

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Check in your main screen (the shield) to see if there are any of your recently conquered territories that you can release as vassals. That's the fastest way to reduce infamy.

Another (much slower) way is hiring a diplomat advisor, which reduces infamy by 0.05 points per star per year. Create him with your culture points so you get a 4+ star one and get him, permanently if you're a warmonger.

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There are also two other negative modifiers for infamy:

  • build Embassy - it is a unique building, available only in some non-core border provinces, after a certain government level

  • Cabinet - a national idea, , after a certain government level

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