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If anybody remembers playing Beyond Good & Evil a while ago, maybe you can help me.

I've just finished going through the Slaughterhouses, and am now told that I need to find the ship that Pey'j hid somewhere on the Home island. I've found the two hidden consoles beneath the boards depicting blueprints for Pey'j's Jet Boots, but I don't have the codes. Various elements seem to suggest that the codes are what was written on the bottom of Pey'j's shoes earlier in the game.

Upon reviewing my collection of Mdisks, I recalled that during the factory mission, a security camera picked up footage of the captive Pey'j. A guard mentioned that his jacket and shoes had been confiscated, and placed in "The Locker". However, when I returned to the factory, I found myself unable to find my way to any kind of locker at all. How do I get Pey'j's shoes back? Was this something I was required to do during my first visit to the Factory, before destroying the elevator, thus rendering it inoperable in future visits? Did I somehow miss them, and now cannot complete the game?

In addition, the message given to Jade on an Mdisk indicated that "Check-Up" information regarding the Beluga (the ship) can be found on his desk. Where is this desk? I've been all over the Home Island with no success.

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In case anyone is wondering, although this question is tagged 'spoiler', I am not asking for the codes themselves, merely how to proceed in the game. – GnomeSlice Oct 9 '10 at 23:31
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You needed to pick them up whilst still in the factory. Sorry

They should be right after you find the Mdisk

His desk will be under the lighthouse, although I suspect they will be on the walls with the blueprints.

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If you can't get back, I think the codes change on every file, so load an old save – Ronan Oct 10 '10 at 14:49
It turns out I already had them anyway, but thanks for the heads up, and thanks about the desk. :P – GnomeSlice Oct 18 '10 at 14:09

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