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Is there anyway to farm both Jimbo (for unique SMG) and Mick (for Maggie) in same play-through?

The Clan you can kill will be based on decision made by you on railway station(Clan wars mission). After that you can farm the clan leader of the clan(which you killed in the last part of the quest).

My question is can I farm both bosses Mick and Jimbo in same play-through ?

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Doesn't look like it, pretty sure you'd need to use a friend who has the other boss available. At least without modding your save file, and I'm not sure how possible that is yet. – Ben Brocka Oct 9 '12 at 14:26

No, Just like many other quests in the game, there are two possible rewards and you have to pick which one to go with while locking out the other one for that playthrough.

The only difference is this quest doesn't say return x to person a for one reward or person b for a different reward. You just have to make a choice and that's the choice you're stuck with for that playthrough.

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