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I have purchased a house, but the objective to visit it does not complete when I enter the house. It is stuck in my quest log, which is rather annoying.

Objectives that may be afflicted with the same bug:

  • Visit Breezehome, your new house
  • Visit Proudspire Manor, your new house
  • Visit Honeyside, your new house
  • Visit Vlindrel Hall, your new house
  • Visit Hjerim, your new house
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This is a bug introduced by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Disabling USKP will allow the objectives to complete as normal, but may cause permanent damage to your save; instead, use the following console command: setobjectivecompleted housepurchase x 1, where x is 10 for Breezehome, 20 for Proudspire Manor, 30 for Honeyside, 40 for Vlindrel Hall or 50 for Hjerim.

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