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I really enjoyed Rise of Nations and with all the Civi 5 questions popping up here, how is Civilization 5 different than Rise of Nations? Rise of Nations employed the concept of territory but also had RTS elements.

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Rise of Nations was an RTS, with a few elements borrowed from turn-based strategy. Civ 5 is a pretty textbook turn-based game. So I don't think there are a whole lot of similarities other than the general theme, and the fact that different nations have unique powers. The scope of Civ 5 is much greater, in terms of size of the map, number of cities you control, number of buildings/units/techs, etc. The economy is more detailed, and you have to worry about city-level management more. There is a much greater emphasis on diplomacy and trading with other civs and city-states. Combat is more high level. And obviously being turn-based, there is no advantage to being able to think/click quickly (though I haven't tried the simultaneous turn multiplayer yet).

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