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Adam has ordered me to investigate Sector 1, and after leaving the Breeding Room (after the cutscene) the door locks after me.

The main route has been blocked by a blast shield BEHIND a door, for which I need Super Missiles, but Adam hasn't authorized them yet. How do I continue? There is nothing in the hallway, and in the control room nearby, there was an enemy in a pod which I shot.

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I don't recall exactly, but it was one of the following ways to get out, from most to least likely.

  1. A morph ball tube you can grab near the blast shield. You may need to blow open a hatch over it first using missiles first.

  2. A secret passage in the control room under the pod the creature was in.

  3. A secret passage near the bottom of the staircase in the Blast Shield room.

  4. Wall jump in the Blast Shield room.

  5. A secret passage in the hallway... although I think that was the hallway on your way into the Breeding Room.

The reason I list this many is these techniques are used in various places in the game, and I don't recall which one this area used.

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it was 2. you need to be morphball to actually enter the area to enter the entrance for the tube... that was confusing. – alexanderpas Oct 12 '10 at 19:32

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