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Is there somewhere I can subscribe that would only show 40% off or more game sales? Steam is a must; bonus points for aggregating multiple sites/stores.

I'm rarely catching the sales on steam, and I imagine steam isn't the only company doing really nice occasional special sales.

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The Steam RSS news feed link is here. also runs a variety of feeds based on your region and can also provide information on permanent price changes.

share|improve this answer gives a good overview of different deals from different developers. Next to that there are several filter options, such as maximum price.

The browse page now has an RSS feed. (check the RSS icon at the bottom right of the filters)

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Nice link, looks like a reasonable site - shame it doesn't have an RSS feed though I see it's mentioned on the wish list. – kalina Jun 20 '12 at 20:49

UK-based SavyGamer does a good job of keeping track of deals on video games and lets you break down feeds by platform. The PC feed can be further broken down into retail or digital distribution feeds.

No Steam-only feed, but it usually mentions if retail or non-Steam digital titles can be registered on Steam after purchase and covers special sales by other companies.

No idea how well it works for other regions I'm afraid. :(

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