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Mass Effect's free DLC (on the PC at least) Bring Down the Sky, adds a new system right by the Citadel, Local System and the starter planets of Feros and Noverria.

Is it possible/realistic to play this DLC straight away as a starter character, or should I wait until I've levelled up a bit? If so, what level will it still be a challenge at? I don't want to come back to it at level 50 and find that I can just stroll through it without a challenge.

Is there a rough range of levels where this is possible but still a fun (rather than frustrating) challenge?

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It is possible but inadvisable to play Bring Down the Sky from the very beginning. While certainly doable (I've done it myself) you're probably going to end up reloading a dozen times or more over the course of the mission.

The Batarians are no pushoevers, and you've got the always "lovable" varren to deal with, who have a nasty tendency to sneak up behind you and eat you through shields. There is also the issue of one of the torch bunkers spawning rocket drones nigh-continuosly until you take out all the batarian engineers - and everyone knows what sorts of naughty things close-quarter rockets due to Shepard, shielded or not.

I would recommend a level of about 25-30 -- the goal is that you have enough abilities by that point to survive a little longer than you might otherwise. But, level alone isn't the best indicator of difficulty in this game; if you've already beaten the game once, you should have the VII spectre master weapons available as soon as you can afford them, and a good gun and good knowledge of cover will serve you better than the extra 100 health successive levels will give you.

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Thanks, on my first play-through (hence the question) so don't have the Spectre Master weapons available will give it a go around those levels. – GAThrawn Oct 13 '10 at 21:48

I beat it at level 12, but I had to reload a bunch of times. I didn't even know I was doing the expansion until I got the achievement.

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