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So I am at a point where I have to cross the ocean to be able to continue. I got some Illari Scrolls that place a buoy on a tile, but it only clears 1 ocean tile from the storm.

Is there a less grindy way to cross the ocean? Because those buoy cost like 6k each and I have 4 tiles to go.

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Across the World, there are some Deep Sea Ports. One has to free them from the storm to be able to board a ship which then can go over the deep ocean and very stormy areas.

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Acid Gills (For Underwater Exploration)

If you're planning on venturing into the ocean or the ocean shallows, you're going to need acid gills in order to breathe underwater as well as to not be harmed by the acid that normally eats away at your health. Some of the more advanced acid gills enchants actually make you a better swimmer as well, so you're not all sluggish in the water -- if you want to have any hope of dodging some of the viciously fast underwater denizens, you'll need these more advanced enchants. The oceans are truly one of the more dangerous parts of Environ! If you're having trouble finding this enchant type by grabbing Enchant Charges or by searching Stashes, it can be bought in the Opal Store for 4000 shards.

More info about useful items on the Arcengames Wiki

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Sorry, but thats wrong. – BulliedByMods Oct 18 '12 at 20:31

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