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Turns out there's a cheap, quick way to beat Hyperious the Invincible. However neither the Baby Maker trick (thow lots of strong explosive reloads) or The Bee & Conference Call combo seem to work against Master Gee The Invincible.

In fact, the only apparent way to kill Gee is to "kite" him for 10+ minutes, making him walk into little pools of acid until he slowly dies. Is there a faster way to deal with him or is that really the only way to defeat him?

The fastest I've seen him killed is about 8 minutes:

While this is relatively impressive, he'd need to die in a couple minutes max to be remotely appealing to fight due to how quickly Hyperious can be taken down (even counting the robots).

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I liked the making him walk into little pools of acid until he slowly dies. –  ヴァイシャリ Oct 18 '12 at 16:31
@desaivv that is quite literally the majority of the fight –  Ben Brocka Oct 18 '12 at 16:39
I liked the phrase, make my enemies walk in pools of acid until they die. I realize that the fight is like that. Your phrasing was priceless. –  ヴァイシャリ Oct 18 '12 at 16:42
He's called "... the Invincible". I'd expect him to be bloody hard. Hell, I'm impressed you even beat him (not really, this is Borderlands after all)! –  KBKarma Oct 18 '12 at 17:49
I haven't gotten to the level of being able to fight him yet (I still have to get to level 50) but why couldn't you just shock him to bring down the shield? Or possibly use corrosive weapons? Are those worms the only way he can be damaged? –  Jeff Mercado Oct 19 '12 at 1:46

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Master Gee has an almost impenetrable shield 4x Conference Call + Bee shields won't make a dent. In fact the Bee is a very bad idea as it's almost impossible to not be taking damage for most of this fight.

Baby Maker reloads aren't much use either. The only thing that seems to hurt Gee's shield in any useful way is his own worms.

Master Gee spawns sand worms - one at a time at first, but more and more as the fight continues.

Each worm that you kill produces a fountain of corrosion on the spot where it died. If you do nothing about this a pool of corrosion will spread out from it until it fills the entire arena and you'll be taking constant corrosion damage.

The only way to get rid of the fountain of corrosion is for it to be absorbed, either by a player (normally an instant FFYL) or by Master Gee (the only way to kill his shields).

So this fight is always about kiting, luring, singularity/phase-lock pulling, or otherwise getting Gee to run through the middle of the fountain left by the last sand worm killed before too many others spawn.

If you end up with two fountains too far apart then your fight is usually over - one or the other is going to spread until the constant DPS kills everyone.

In a word: annoying.

Is there a quick way to kill him? No, I'm pretty sure he's been designed to be very tough to defeat no matter how levelled/kitted up the team taking him on is.

That said I've seen him killed in a single shot by a level 999 player who was obviously hacked, but I'd avoid hackers and public games until the graveyard exploit's fixed.

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