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On a couple of my attempts to survive, I've run across the Shop Mart shopping cart, and I just cant figure out how to use it. The Wikia entry for this item claims it is a vehicle that provides a 16x16 storage area "when used" from the vehicle screen. Although I am most likely missing something quite obvious, I cannot find any way to actually do this.

Dragging it onto various locations on the paper-doll yield no results, and various amounts of clicking and/or dragging on any other screen (vehicle or otherwise) have resulted in a similar amount of nothing. I'm hesitant to try placing any of my items into the cart, as this question demonstrates that that items can only be retrieved from containers by equipping them - which is something you cannot do with the cart.

So, any tips on how to turn this item into a working vehicle?

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In theory, the cart should be equippable like clothes, backpacks, etc. It would install in the vehicle slot on the "Vehicle" screen (button that looks like a truck, or hotkey V).

The easiest method would be to put the shopping cart on the "Ground" (if not there already), switch to "Click to take/drop" (hotkey 1), then click on the cart. It should automatically fly to the vehicle slot (the slot looks like a truck).

You can also use "Click to move" to pick up and drop the cart into the vehicle slot, but you'd have to be on the vehicle screen for that.

I say "in theory" because there's always the chance I broke something. It's working on my current test build, but let me know if it isn't for you!

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As I said, I'm probably missing something quite obvious - I'll give it a shot next time I find one. – Trent Hawkins Oct 18 '12 at 20:46

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