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Just saw the new Ghost Dragon in the market place. What do I have to breed to get it? Best combinations?

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Cold Dragon and Earth Dragon. You can see more information here:

Ghost Dragon on Dragonvale Breeding Guide

Happy breeding!

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Adulmec's answer is accurate, but if you are looking for the fastest breeding pair, I would recommend either of the following:

  • Cold + Mud
  • Earth + Ice

I eliminated several other limited and uncommon pairings that are equivalent, since not everyone will have those.

Based on the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox these pairs have a 10% chance of success with each attempt, and an average fail time of 9 hours. When compared to a simple pairing of Cold + Earth, which has the same success chance of 10%, but a guaranteed fail rate of 14 hours, the time savings when using the above pairs is more than 2 days on average, assuming zero downtime (which is of course unrealistic). This would be reduced if upgraded breeding cave/island is used, but would still be significant.

For those interested in the math:

Cold + Mud or Earth + Ice

10% Chance per attempt = 1 success / 10 attempts

(1 success / 10 attempts) x (1 attempt / 9 hours) = 1 success / 90 hours

Cold + Earth

10% Chance per attempt = 1 success / 10 attempts

(1 success / 10 attempts) x (1 attempt / 14 hours) = 1 success / 140 hours

140 - 90 = 50 hour advantage, or roughly 2 days.

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