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Is it possible to automate the city queue? i.e. what buildings to build next (and stop pestering me with it, once I have given a general guideline). I seem to remember this feature from Civ4, where it did not work very well though.

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I don't think you can automate it, but you can certainly create a production queue from the city screen. Tick the Show Queue box and add items one by one. You then won't be pestered until the queue is empty.

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The queue is ok, but mid-game I spend about 80% of the time micromanaging the cities to build exactly the same thing - which is just damn annoying. – Kjensen Oct 16 '10 at 18:14

Unfortunately no, there is no Civ3/4 style Governor feature. But, if you capture an enemy city you have the option to make it a "puppet" city, which basically means it uses a governor- the entire city screen is automated and unavailable to you- in exchange for lower unhappiness. However you can't do this to your own cities.

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Barrylloyd is right about production queues. Also note that there are no governors in Civ V, unlike IV. That's probably the feature you are remembering.

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