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I'm currently in the Sketchbook section, where you find the Toy Box. What happens there is that Mary pushes you in, follows you and steals Ib's rose. Then, invariably, this takes place:

noooo Garry why

Predictably, the crazy broad then kills Garry by plucking his spirit rose. I guess that's what being imaginary does to you.

So, is there any way to save Garry and stop this from happening? There doesn't seem to be anything to do in the Toy Box except triggering this scene, and my limited dialog options don't seem to make a blind bit of difference either.

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The game uses an internal variable called GarryDeathCount (presumably short for Garry Death Counter) to determine whether Garry will be slain near the end of the game. Some people prefer to think of it as Mary's Hate or Damage to the Exhibits. If the counter reaches 3, Ib's Rose will not appear in the toy box and Garry will be doomed.

Unless noted, these raise the counter by 1. To avoid Garry's demise, you'll want to avoid doing these:

  • Allow Garry to destroy the Manikin early on.
  • In the part with 5 ropes, pull the 5th rope, dropping either a doll or a manikin head, depending on whether the manikin was destroyed earlier.
  • In the part where Ib can push manikin heads off tables, push off all three, instead of just the necessary one.
  • When Garry needs to get a doll out of his way, kick the doll.
  • When attempting to escape from the room with the dolls, run out of time (increases count by 2). Note that if the doll was kicked earlier, the timer runs faster.
  • In an extra part of a conversation between Ib and Mary that only occurs if the counter is 0, after Mary asks "What if only two of us can escape?", tell Mary you'd leave her behind.

Generally, if you're careful with the exhibit and succeed at the timed escape, he'll survive.

Building a relationship with Garry has nothing to do with his survival. If he does survive, though, building the relationship will allow you to give him your handkerchief, resulting in the Promise of Reunion ending instead of Memory's Crannies, unless you decide not to escape the world of paintings and thus get Ib All Alone.

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Ooh, I lumped them together. This is a better answer. –  agent86 Oct 22 '12 at 16:29
I see... I failed the timed event and brute-forced the ropes. Well, I guess it's a good thing I made a bazillion save slots. One of them is bound to be earlier than that. Also, me and Gar-bear, we've been through some shit. Fingers crossed for the good ending. –  lunboks Oct 22 '12 at 18:28
Understandible. It wasn't until my second play through that I noticed there were another 5 ropes in the room Ib and Mary were in. Also, during the timed event, the doll you need to search is somewhere around the upper-right corner. –  Joseph Kendall Oct 22 '12 at 19:44
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