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Tokyo Jungle has (at least) two hints at a save system:

  1. The menu screen has a "Continue" item
  2. When quitting, it asks "Quit without saving?"

But, I can't figure out how to actually save the game! How do I do it?

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I found the answer in the digital instruction booklet that can be accessed from the XMB while the game is running.

You can save the game from a nest. After aquiring a nest, which requires you to claim a territory by "marking" in 4 locations, you can go to the nest and select the "Exit" option (square button).

The game will then exit. Next time you start the game, the "Continue" menu item will be available.

(The nest is related to mating, but mating is not required in order to save the game.)

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To save, the player must first take over a territory by tediously marking predetermined spots and then finding a mate, both of which get extremely tedious after a while.

Once you find a nest and mate, you may save your game. Doing so, however, sends you straight back to the title screen for no real reason, especially seeing as the game does not allow saves across different animals.

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