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I am interested in seeing my logs from raiding in after I do something such as LFR (Looking for Raid). How exactly is this done? Is it auto imported into the site? Do I need to manually start a log and then upload it? I'd love any suggestions for doing this and then linking it to a friend to critique it so I can get better at what I do.

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I think it's all explained quite clearly in their help section. Basically it involves joining the site and a guild, downloading a client and enabling the combat log. – deutschZuid Oct 25 '12 at 3:58
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To find logs that you have previously created and uploaded to World of Logs, simply go to the World of Logs website, select the 'Realms' menu at the top, followed by the language of the realm that you play on (English, German, etc).

This will bring up a list of all realms for that language - simply select your realm, which will show a list of guilds, and then select your guild, which will show you a calendar of previously submitted logs.

If your guild doesn't appear, then nobody is currently logging for your guild and you will need to create an account/guild on World of Logs to begin uploading your logs.

In order for your logs to appear on World of Logs, you need to complete the following steps;

  • Create an account on World of Logs
  • Activate your account
  • Log into World of Logs
  • Create a 'Guild'
  • Download the World of Logs client (requires Java)
  • Type /combatlog in World of Warcraft to enable combat logging (this needs to be set EVERY time you want to log)
  • Use the World of Logs client to upload your log

For more information on how to use the World of Logs data uploader, see the official guide on the World of Logs website.

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