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Fast leveling and easy experience farming

Anyone know of a sweet spot on Pandora where one can grind out some levels? I'd like my baby, Maya, at her full potential as soon as possible.

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Depending on your level! Both arenas are very good. Fight until last wave, then die to restart and get xp again. if you did 1 or 2 levels, proceed with the mission and do the same with the next. Every mission has a bit higher monster level.

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The fastest way to level is to ask someone with a high level character like a level 50 (with decent equipment) to host a game which you join. Then just let him do the killing while you hide somewhere. You may die a couple of times, but you will still get some very nice levels while doing that.

A good idea is also to do the endboss over and over again, since he spawns a lot of adds and upon his death you will also get some nice exerpience.

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