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In PvP, the amulet are used to summarised all the armour, weapon and Trinkets stats.

How did they come with the Rampager's Amulet

+284 Power
+798 Precision
+569 Condition Damage
+284 Vitality

Plus there is an upgrade in it adding:

+125 Precision
+75 Condition Damage
+45 Power
+45 Vitality

How can I get these stats with PvE armours?

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It is not yet possible to recreate the Rampager's amulet outside of sPvP.

PvP has different stat combinations available than in PvE. The Rampager's amulet seems to duplicate a set that is half Precision / Condition Damage / Power (Aka, the Rampager prefix), and half Precision / Condition Damage / Vitality , a combination that is not present on PVE gear. (if the link doesn't work, click "Show Filters" and try the link again) The Jewel (equivalent to PvE accessory upgrade slots) replicates these ratios.

Almost all level 80 gear in Guildwars 2 has a 3-stat combination, but not all possible combinations (including variations in the Primary stat, which there's always twice as much of) are in the game. The Halloween Event added in a new combination (Magic % / Power / Condition Damage ) of stats, so it seems likely that future updates may also fill in the missing distributions.

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I tried calculation of my own, trying to reach these number. Almost started a "Are PvP stats the same as PvE". It seems it is not. Cleary. Thx – M'vy Oct 31 '12 at 0:33

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