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My kids are playing Minecraft on 2 PCs, creative mode. They are connected by the way of one of them starts a single player game on the other one than joins that game over the LAN.

Can I, using Minecraft PE on my iPad, join their game as well?

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No, you can't. They're entirely different games.

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To expand a bit on BlaXpirit's answer, the PC version, the Pocket Edition, and the XBox 360 Edition are all separate games, with separate features and in separate states of development.

The games are written in different languages for different platforms, and the XBox version is actually developed by a different company than Minecraft is, so it is (unfortunately) very unlikely that these versions will ever be able to join each other in online play.

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I wish that they would make them all compatible some day! – pattyd Jun 22 '13 at 18:38


You cannot do this for several reasons!

  • They are entirely different games

  • They both rely on different programming languages

    Pocket edition and PC minecraft both have different features, which is why this will not work.

    • PE: Nether Reactor Core
    • PC: The End
    • PE: Lacks some textures that PC has
    • PE: Minimal or No red stone support

There are many many more reasons out there, but those are just a few examples!!

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The fact that they are different programming languages should make no difference. The games are communicating over a network, so as long as they use the same communication protocol there is no reason the games could not work together. Programming languages should not be an excuse. – user50776 Jun 25 '13 at 21:27
@Tony I guess the point is that they aren't using the same communication protocol. – badp Jun 25 '13 at 22:05
@Tony I think that's why this answer still has a score of zero despite being otherwise correct. – SevenSidedDie Jun 26 '13 at 0:32

YES YOU CAN play LAN with your children from your tablet to those who are on PC. All the poeple on PC have to do is download Bluestacks at and install it, bluestacks is basically an android emulator on PC. Then all you have to do is click on an application in bluestacks which will take you to the android store (Play Store) Then all you have to do is either buy minecraft PE again or get it for free, with all the same features.

Watch that video, go to the store in bluestacks and download "mobogenie" app store then open that and search "Minecraft PE" and download the application, then create a world on any device and pause it, go to options and turn on LAN then, for others to join they have to go to "PLAY" Click edit and press external server, then connect without altering the IP already there because that IP is for LAN, if that doesn't work look it up on YouTube.

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It's worth mentioning that since this answer was posted Bluestacks has changed their business model - you now need to pay to use it. – JonK Sep 30 at 8:13

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