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In Sid Meier's Pirates (on the Wii in my case), when sailing there is a minimap with various symbols and numbers next to it. The manual that comes with the game makes no mention of what these symbols/numbers mean. I figured out most of them, but am still unsure what the number next to the skull and crossbones icon actually means. Any ideas?

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I've played only the PC version, but I would guess, as an analogy to the PC version, that it details your fame, which is like a points system that ranks the pirates on a scale of pirate bad-assary.

And the following are number of crew members, remaining food supply and how happy your crew is.

Here you can see a comparison between the PC and Wii versions:

PC: image 1

Wii: image 2

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That makes sense and seems to jive with how the number has been steadily going up throughout the game. Thanks! – mrdrbob Oct 28 '12 at 6:06

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