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I'm seeing stuff elsewhere about how it unlocks all characters during free play or allows you to play as special characters, but I still have access to all characters with it disabled, and I can't see how to access these extra character's.

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Extra Toggle gives you access to some bonus characters on certain levels that you can't play as otherwise. The characters usually don't have any real advantages; they're just there for fun.

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Any examples? I'd like to see the effect to make sure I recognize it. – deworde Nov 3 '12 at 20:31
@deworde: I've heard that some examples are Penguin robots and an Old Lady. In Star Wars I know that you could play as a Womp Rat which was fun. I can't find a list for Batman 2, but here's a list of the characters in other games. – Ullallulloo Nov 3 '12 at 20:44
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Worked this out. The critical difference is between the characters you can select from the menu (hold Y-button on X-box) which (LB/RB on X-Box), which allows you to cycle through a small subset of characters.

As this answer says the Extra Toggle allows you some extra odd-ball characters, but only affects the LB/RB set.

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