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Related: What is the effect of switching between conflicting social policies?

I know that switching between conflicting social policies results in a few turns of anarchy, but I was wondering about the effect of switching between two maxed-out policies.

Maxing the Autocracy social policy results in a 50-turn attack bonus for all units. I would assume this means that the effects is gone after 50 turns. However, if I switch to the Order social policy and then switch back to Autocracy, do I gain the attack bonus for another 50 turns?

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Interesting question. It looks like a something to exploit. – iber Nov 4 '12 at 0:18
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If you max the Autocracy tree, you gain an instant 30-turn attack bonus (at least in the game I played - this may depend on your game speed.) This is denoted by a "Temp Attack Bonus" entry in the unit's attack preview pane:

enter image description here

This attack bonus stays active if you switch to another conflicting policy tree, such as Freedom or Order. This is the attack bonus still active, even though I've switched policies:

enter image description here

Once it runs out, it is gone for good. There doesn't appear to be a way to exploit this in the way you specify in your question.

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