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I have some level packs from the first Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures I was wondering I they were usable in Skylanders Giants and if so in what way. Do they unlock different levels in the new game or just the old ones? Do they still work as a powerup item if placed mid level?

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I thought that they didn't work so I looked it up and it was true. I ordered an adventure pack and sure enough, it worked. Now I can play with both series. – user47147 Apr 18 '13 at 0:25
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They function more or less the same as in the first Skylanders game. The level you unlock is the same, and has the same storyline, but the gameplay might be a little different since they took the same level layout but used enemies from Sky: Giants instead of just using the enemies from Sky1. You can use it as a powerup item mid-level, although it might ask you if you want to play the Adventure level.

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Yes, literally everything from Skylanders Spyro's adventure can be used in Giants, and the re-makes but re-make lightcores from giants can't be used in spyro's adventure.

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