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Since normal melee damage is affected by the time left for your deception mode, I wonder whether the same is true for Zer0's "Execute" skill.

EDIT: Thanks Keith for pointing that out ... so how is the actual damage calculated?

a) Melee * (1 + Deception Bonus + Execute bonus)
b) Melee * Execute bonus
c) Execute Damage

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Do you mean: does Execute damage stack with the deception bonus (i.e. 6 x melee + bonus), override it (i.e. 6 x melee or melee + bonus) or enhance it (i.e. 6 x (melee + bonus))? – Keith Nov 9 '12 at 12:48

According to the Wiki,

Execute doubles the usual damage bonus granted by Decepti0n

So that'd be melee * (2 * Decepti0n).

In my own experience I've found that to be roughly accurate, I've found it difficult to perfectly time the same amount of bonus given by Decepti0n.

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User Zikel, in the /r/Borderlands subreddit tested Deception with Execute and came up with the ff. results:

Deception, [gives a bonus of] ...a minimum of 230% up to +650% Melee Damage...


How much exactly is this "massive damage"? This skill changes the melee damage bonus of deception from: a minimum of 230% up to 650% Melee damage to a minimum of 460% up to 1400% increased Melee damage.

Source: Reddit /r/Borderlands post by user Zikel, "Many skill descriptions are misleading, don't tell the full story or straight up lie to you. I took it upon my self to test EVERYTHING and clear up the confusion. Here are the results."

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