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When you reach Hong-Kong, the 20mm HE ammo for assault rifle and dragon tooths start to appear. Is it still reasonable to keep on carrying around the GEP gun? Have I forgotten any specific uses that GEP gun had in late-game?

I have been replaying Deus Ex (again) with mostly melee char (both in skills and augs), and currently am about to leave the Hong-Kong area .

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Usually it's just whatever you like to do and whatever is consistent with your skills. For explosives, the 20mm grenades have limited range, while you can basically hit a target a mile away with GEP, as long as you can lock on. Then there's always the ammo issue if you like using one or the other a lot.

But if you got your mind wrapped around the game enough, usually just carrying some form of explosive consistent with the skills you are using is enough.

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The typical uses for the GEP gun are:

  • Killing attack bots from a safe distance - the GEP gun has a much longer range than 20mm HE.

  • As a (very loud) sniper rifle - a locked-on GEP rocket can be fired from stand-off range and will kill more or less anything short of the giant bot. (Put a scope mod on the GEP gun for comedy value.)

  • With the WP rockets (white phosphorous) the GEP gun becomes a one-shot anti-personnel room clearing weapon with a wide area of effect. I seem to recall this works better than 20mm HE used the same way.

  • Opening doors.

  • Destroying objects like cameras, turrets, and alarm panels.

GEP rockets are common the entire way through the game; you can even find a box of rockets on Liberty Island.

Given the multitude of uses for the GEP Gun, and the common occurrence of its ammo, I find it remains useful for the entire length of the game.

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