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How can I bypass through those locks?

I a currently stuck on this mission, am I missing something? What supposedly I should do with those locks also with those two on top on the right side that is both connected on computer terminals?

I can connect to those PC but I can't connect to the lock.

Eclipse LAN

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I'm guessing that you haven't connected using the modem to access the Isolation bridge.

You should be able to find the phone number for the modem on a terminal on the network. Connect to that address and you will be behind the lock and will be able to access the isolation bridge.

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I logged in to every computers in that network except the main server and I couldn't find any phone numbers for the modem. I can't connect to the main server since it is guarded by those 3 locks on top. – MegaNairda Nov 11 '12 at 5:29
I finally did it, just forced my way into it using a LAN Force then I got the number to the modem. – MegaNairda Nov 11 '12 at 13:04

Here is how to get to (and use) the modem without LAN-Force:

  • The component just before the modem, surrounded by white dots, is an Isolation Bridge. It controls 2 locks, the ones surrounded by yellow dots: one is locked and the other is unlocked.

  • When you connect to an Isolation Bridge and Enable / Disable it, it toggles both locks simultaneously: unlocking one and locking the other.

  • The lock to the left of the Isolation Bridge is currently locked, and its label says "unlocks", because that's what will happen when you change the Isolation Bridge mode. That lock prevents you from reaching the top left lock.

  • The lock below the Isolation Bridge is unlocked, so its label says "locks", and it lets you access the Isolation Bridge and the Modem.

  • Notice that if you toggle the Isolation Bridge now, you will lock yourself out, losing access to the Isolation Bridge! So don't do that yet!

  • Go to the Modem and connect to it. That's where its external access phone number is located ;)

  • Use an IP Lookup to add the phone number to your connection list.

  • Now you can connect to the LAN using this entry, and your starting position will be the Modem.

  • Now you can safely toggle the Isolation Bridge to gain access to the last lock.

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