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I had two dwarfs build a wall when they were interrupted by the werefox Iño Enemtuthru. Apparently a large fox twisted into a humanoid form is enough to drop everything and start running.

The problem is I can't get rid of those two dropped granite blocks.. They are marked for dumping, but noone has picked them up in a long time and now they are blocking further constructions. What can I do to convince the dwarfs to pick them up? Is it a bug or am I missing something?

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If the "build a wall here" designation/order is still standing, the blocks are marked as being "in use" for this task. The quickest way is to abort the build order using t, navigating to the not yet built walls, and pressing x to abort their construction. Then you can order them re-built if you want to.

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Ah! It didn't occur to me to cancel the wall building-task. I found another item (a door) that had no outstanding building instructions and was stuck the same way. I forbade it, waited a bit and then reclaimed it. After that a Dwarf came by and obediently picked it up to take it to the stockpile. Thanks for your quick reply! You were right. – leugim Nov 14 '12 at 10:14

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