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I know that the Voidlings scale 1.0 of Malzahar's Attack Damage, and partially from Armor Penetration, but do they benefit from anything else? And if they benefit from his life steal, does the life go to the Voidlings or Malzahar?

The reason I ask is because I want to use Surge with this build: I'd cast Surge and use my ult and W so that I benefit from the additional AP while my Voidlings use the Attack Speed to dish out more damage.

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If it makes you feel any better, Surge is being removed. – Raven Dreamer Nov 15 '12 at 2:03
Are you kidding me? I love using it for Elise :( – Jonny Nov 15 '12 at 2:30
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Here's the a better description of the ability in full. They only scale with your attack damage, unfortunately.

A voidlings has 200 + (50 × level) health and 20 + (5 × level) + (100% bonus AD) attack damage. After 7 seconds, the voidling grows, gaining 50% increased armor and base attack damage. After 14 seconds, the voidling gains attack speed.

Armor: 30 (45 after 7 seconds)
Magic resistance: 50
Attack speed: 0.831 (1.496 after 14 seconds)
Movement speed: 451 

Voidlings prioritize the target of Nether Grasp, then enemies suffering from the most recent Malefic Visions. If there are no targets affected by Malefic Visions, it will attack Malzahar's target.

via lolwiki

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Sad, but only Attack Damage, and Armor Penetration. But another aspects will boost you voidlings: Max Mana, Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction. If you max these, you will turn Malzahar a Magic Machine (this alone will be a doom for your enemies), and it will maintain 2-3 voidlings in the field at same time!

Good Luck!

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