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I have a 97% control of the morning star district. The last part I had left was a gang operation on a roof. I killed all of the gang members while inside of my vitol and got no credit for completing it. Is there anyway to reset/fix this? I have been playing the game single player only.

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Are you 100% you're missing the gang operation? If you leave and return, does the gang spawn back? – JohnoBoy Nov 18 '12 at 19:42
Don't do these in the VTOL (or at least get out once they start). The game's detection of hovering aircraft is pretty bad. If you must use one to get there, jump out when you arrive. I bet if you leave and come back (possibly save and reload?) the gang operation will respawn. – agent86 Nov 18 '12 at 20:38

You have to land on the roof or place of the gang operation and maybe even get out. it will show as complete.

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I've had this happen. I kill everyone on the roof and it doesn't give me credit even when I land on the roof afterwards. Just wait a while and come come back later; only this time kill the last person by landing on the roof, getting out, and shooting them. Also, it might not give you credit if anyone falls off the roof.

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