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Weapons in Arcanum are described by two letter stat values. However, the same stat is sometimes given as number and other times +number.

For example:

  • Mystic gauntlets: AC +4
  • Dwarven gauntlets: AC 3

Is there a difference? Is so, what is it?

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My guess is no + is the base value and with + is the bonus value which could be an indication of the quality of the item in relation to its base item type. – deutschZuid Nov 18 '12 at 20:11
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I believe you mean Mystic Gauntlets AC:(+4). This means that this bonus stat in parentheses is an enchantment. Its effectiveness is determined by your magickal aptitude. The Magic power available stat below gives you what percentage of this stat you get.

Only stats in parentheses are enchantments.

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