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In Scribblenauts Unlimited, in the Metaforest stage, there is a shard goal called "Sleeping in the Elements!". The description is:

This isn't a comfortable place to sleep! Create something better for the backpacker!

I've looked everywhere on this stage, with and without the special vision toggled. Where can I find the backpacker?

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I got it. Kill the bug that is bugging the guy at the bottom, then spawn a bed.

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Yes, the backpacker is the one being bothered by the mosquito. As for getting the shard, I killed the bug and then spawned the bed and it had no effect. The bug just keeps respawning after you kill it. I did finally get it to trigger after placing a mosquito net on the bed. – Luck Nov 24 '12 at 4:01

first you give the camper a net he kills the bugs then if you get out a bed he goes to it and starts to seep on it now you got the sleeping in the elements shard.

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