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My convoy has been attacked and i sent my mini-mes to deal with it. Strangely, they became available nearly instantly, despite the dialogue saying they would be occupied for 11 minutes. I don't remember any other announcements since then, my other convoys have made 2 trips already but the attacked convoy is still in limbo. I've checked the Frontier but the convoy defense icon isn't there. Can I get my convoy back in the game?

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"I've checked the Frontier but the convoy defense icon isn't there" Sounds like a bug to me. – Shinrai Nov 22 '12 at 16:43
I have a convoy which is also stuck in 'Attacked'. I tried crafting a new one to be told my inventory is full. Not sure what to do. – David Yell Dec 1 '12 at 23:09
Having the same problems with my attacked convoy stuck in limbo. Just curious if anyone has had more then1 convoy stuck. – user39162 Dec 31 '12 at 5:01
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As long as Ubisoft does not release a patch: No, you won't get it back. It is a known bug, at least for the community, Ubi does not seem to care too much.

I lost mine when a convoy was attacked and I closed the game instead of trying to save it. Next time I started the game, the convoy was still under attack, but no way to save it.

Edit: Does not seem like Ubi would patch it soon. The Holiday Patch from Dec 18 fixes numerous bugs, but not the Convoy bug – which is listed already on the second page (of currently 101) in their official bugs thread.

Edit 2: Neither did Patch 1.03 fix this bug.

Edit 3: Patch 1.06? lol. As if they cared.

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It's a bug for sure. I have a full inventory of convoys and they're fully upgraded. I know how to defend them myself if attacked or how to send my assassin recruits in my stead. I make a lot of money off the convoys, although I've quickly run out of things to buy or use them for, and I use them often.

When one of my convoys got the bug, I received a notification saying it was being attacked. I was busy doing something else at the time, and honestly, I didn't want to go through that tiring routine of saving it myself — though it shouldn't have gotten attacked in the first place, as I'd already removed the risks of an attack.

I sent a couple of my assassins. Later on, I received a notification saying they were successful in saving the convoy, that the convoy reached home, and that I received my money. However, when I checked the accounting book, it still said "Attacked." I've searched for any answers in the net, and I found that a lot of gamers experienced the bug too, and that no fix or patch was available. Furthermore, I found out that the full use of all convoys was required in a trophy or achievement, which means the bug messed up more parts of the game than I thought.

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EDIT: Nah, sorry! Solution did NOT work! Just completed sequence 12 as well as all Assassin Recruit Missions. Attacked convoy is still stuck!

I believe there is a solution for this glitch. I posted the answer over here and quoted below.

I have read about a solution for this Convoy status stuck at "Attacked" glitch somewhere.

What you need to do is [Spoiler]:

Complete all the Assassin Recruit Missions - this should unlock an extra convoy, as well as remove the "Attacked" status of the stuck convoy.

I have not yet tested the solution, but it seems legit. I'm nearly there now and will post my findings when complete.

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